Little dudes is a project inviting creatives from across the globe to give style and personality to a "Little dude", in order to help the world. | facebook/Littledudes

Each year a rocketfull of Little dudes come to earth from Dudeland. When they arrive, they need creative parents to nurture them and prepare them for their mission. 

Creatives around the world bring them to life with colour and style, until the day comes that each Little dude must be sent to reunite with his buddies at a Grand Reunion Party. 

At the Parties, the Little dudes are exhibited are adopted out to new parents in a charity auction. Funds raised go to help less fortunate little beings here on earth. 

The Little dudes project is run completely by volunteers. Every penny or cent raised from the missions goes to help less fortunate Little dudes here on earth. The first two missions supported: Action Against Hunger, IFAW and Save the Children. Mission 3 is supporting Mary´s meals.

Ultimately, the Little dudes project gives creatives a way to use their talent for good, and in doing so, reminds each of us the great joy obtained through giving and being selfless. The project breeds generosity, and so we are very happy the family continues to grow!